33d-1017AE | The rebellious Kylos Tribe has been defeated.

On the thirty-third day of this year 1017AE (2 February 2015), the Great General of the Callahagan Army charged the Kylonian lines, slaughtering the masses. They continued this charge to the Kylonian capital of Awquants, where they proceeded to lay siege upon Palace of Ogren Kylos. Ogren surrendered to the Callahagan army, and is currently being held in the prisons of Callahag’s Hold.

His majesty, Daniel the Third, Skādiphāhsiviah of the Oakbury Shādiphate, has formally congradulated his allies in their victory against the Kylos Tribe. He gave a public speech from Facult’s Fort in Faculta on the matter in which he said:

It is on this day that I would like to congratulate our sovereign allies in Callahag on their recent victory over the Kylos Tribe. The Rebellion has long been a thorn in the side of the people of Callahag, pillaging and raping their people…

 Kylos Rebellion Page


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