On the thirty-third day of this year 1017AE (2 February 2015), the Great General of the Callahagan Army charged the Kylonian lines, slaughtering the masses. They continued this charge to the Kylonian capital of Awquants, where they proceeded to lay siege upon Palace of Ogren Kylos. Ogren surrendered to the Callahagan army, and is currently being held in the prisons of Callahag’s Hold.

His majesty, Daniel the Third, Skādiphāhsiviah of the Oakbury Shādiphate, has formally congradulated his allies in their victory against the Kylos Tribe. He gave a public speech from Facult’s Fort in Faculta on the matter in which he said:

It is on this day that I would like to congratulate our sovereign allies in Callahag on their recent victory over the Kylos Tribe. The Rebellion has long been a thorn in the side of the people of Callahag, pillaging and raping their people…

 Kylos Rebellion Page


Hello! Today, let us enter OOC mode and talk about stuff. My name is Bufflez, I am currently the main guy working on the IFSM. I am doing all the artwork, including what I am most proud of; the map. I love geography, cartography, and history, which is the main reason I took on this project. I wanted to create something that I could be proud of and encompasses all three of those things.

Recently, my main focus has been a map for the world (Kaizen). I feel maps are really important for role-playing, so I decided that I should put a lot of effort into mine. I created one, but I feel like it could be much better.

Map #5 (Borders and Names)

The old map of the continent of Montos.

I have started work on a new map, completely redrawing it. This one will be three times the size of the old map (which was at 1440p) Because of Photoshop’s size limits, I just divided the map into nine different sectors.

Sector Division Reference

The old map divided into nine different sectors.

The reason it is divided into sectors, is because each one will be a separate file. This just makes it simpler for me, and again, Photoshop size restraints. I have already started on the new map, and hope on finishing a sector a day. I have school coming up soon, so that might slow things down a bit. Below is an comparison of the old map, to what I have of the new map.


Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoy and will continue to support me and my project as I work on it.