The Kylos Rebellion, which lasted from NEEDED to 33d-1017AE, entailed the Kylonian declaration of independence from Callahag, and the wars that resulted from it. The rebellion ended whenever the Callahag troops charged the capital of Kylos, and captured the rebellion’s leader Ogren Kylos.

Date: NEEDED – 33d-1017AE
Location: Kylos Region, Callahag
Result: Rebellion is crushed, Ogren Kylos captured, Kylos Region reintegrated into Callahag.


Attackers: Kingdom of Kylos, Brussian Empire (Funding, not officially in war)
Defenders: Kingdom of Callahag – Supporters: Oakbury, Fritzburgh, Tramplandia

Commanders and leaders

Attackers: Ogren Kylos, Franz Molt
Defenders: Edward Callahagan, Peytonius Callahagan

Casualties and Losses

Attackers: 69,000 soldiers
Defenders: minimal

After Rebellion (left), After defeat (right)

After Rebellion (left), After defeat (right)

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