Map (1017 - present)

Oakbury (Light Pink)

OakburyMotto: Kāi’ize Skādiphāhsivāh (Hail the Emperor)
Demonym: Oakburian
Government: Unitary Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
Emperor: Daniel Bufflez III
Grand Chamberlain: Shā Na’im Masoud Ajam

Brussia (Dark Blue)

BrussiaMotto: Never Cruel or Cowardly
Demonym: Brussian
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Jonathan Clould
Grand Chamberlain: NEEDED

Fritzburgh (Brown-Red)

FritzburghMotto: Work is Strength
Demonym: Fritzburgian
Government: Elective Absolute Monarchy
King: Thomas Rollinue II
Grand Chamberlain: NEEDED

Tramplandia (Teal)

TramplandiaMotto: NEEDED
Demonym: Tramplandian
Government: Absolute Monarchy
King: Maximo Spinnaker
Grand Chamberlain: NEEDED

Callahag (Burgundy)

CallahagMotto: Bravery is Half the Victory
Demonym: Callahagan
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Leader: Edward Callahagan
Advisor: Paytonius Callahagan

Alavaster (Orange)

AlavasterMotto: Courage, Duty, Honor
Demonym: Alavastian
Government: Absolute Monarchy
King: Griffin Wertious
Grand Chamberlain: NEEDED

Manascus (Gold)

ManascusMotto: Justice Alone Triumphs
Demonym: Men
Government: Absolute Monarchy
King: Neeloy Chakreborti IV
Grand Chamberlain: NEEDED

Swegland (Bright Pink)

SweglandMotto: For the Sun and Stars
Demonym: Sweglandian
Government: Elective Theocracy.
Great Astrologer: Tyler Baulbag
Keeper of the Guards: NEEDED


Historical Nations

Kylos (Green)

KylosMotto: My Fatherland
Demonym: Kylonian
Government: Autocratic Military Dictatorship
Great General: Ogren Kylos I
Squire: NEEDED


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