House BufflezAwarded by:
King of Oakbury
Type: State Order
Royal House: House of Bufflez
Motto: For King and Country

Eligibility: Members of Ruling Houses, Crown Princes, Princes, and Counts.
Awarded for: Rank and social status.
Sovereign: Daniel Bufflez III


Main Members

The Order of the White Eagle is awarded to individuals ruling either counties or provinces under the King of Oakbury.

  • Daniel Bufflez III – King of Oakbury, Sovereign of the OWP and OWE
  • Shā Maxwell Bufflez – Crown Prince of Oakbury
  • Shā Cottus Lazos – Prince of Oakbury Minor
  • Shā Basile Panas – Prince of Buffnia
  • Shā Eustachus Berd VI – Prince of Avans
  • Shā Albert Hawk II – Prince of Faculta
  • Shā Icarius Maras – Prince of Valkirk
  • Shā Pieter Cosmos – Prince of Polendale
  • Shā Peder Kazan – Prince of Ambrock
  • Shā Mattias Vieth – Prince of Malow
  • Shā Xylon Dukas – Prince of Tolle Island
  • Shā Lucius Buff – Prince of Oaklea Island

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