Daniel_3Full Name: Daniel Otto Bufflez III
Born: 1001 – present (age 15)
– The White Palace, Isle of Bufflez

Father: William Bufflez
Mother: Cathleen Berd of Avans
Siblings: Maxwell Bufflez, Emilia Bufflez

Culture: Western Montonian
Residence: The White Palace, Isle of Bufflez
Religion: Avianism

Titles and Honours

Official Full Title: His majesty, Daniel the Pious, Skādiphāhsiviah of the Oakbury Shādiphate; Great Falconer of the Avians, and Speaker of the Imperial Federation of the Sovereign Monarchy.

Skādiphāhsiviah of Oakbury
Reign: 1016 – present
Sāvah: Shā Na’im Masoud Ajam
Predecessor: William Bufflez
Heir Apparent: Maxwell Bufflez

Speaker of the IFSM
Reign: 1014 – present
Advisor: Shā Na’im Masoud Ajam
Predecessor: William Bufflez
Next Vote: 1020AE

Other Titles

  • Great Falconer of the Avians
  • High Magistrate of Oakbury
  • High Margrave of the Imperial Army of Oakbury


OakburySovereign of the Order of the White Pelican (1016 – present)

OakburySovereign of the Order of the White Eagle (1016 – present)

Congress of the IFSMKnight of the IFSM (1014 – present)

House of Bufflez

BufflezMotto: As Plush as Gold
Founded: NEEDED
Founder: NEEDED
Sovereign: Daniel Bufflez III
Seat: The White Palace
Highest Title: Skādiphāhsiviah of Oakbury

Culture: Western Montonian

Main Living Family

Daniel III
Sir Rodger

Daniel III of Oakbury (Daniel William Bufflez; 1001AE – present), commonly referred to as Daniel or Daniel III, is the seventh member of the Bufflez dynasty of the Kingdom of Oakbury. He is the youngest son of William Bufflez and Kathleen Berd of Avans. Daniel was appointed as Crown Regent of Oakbury, during his father’s mental illness. In 1016AE, William abdicated and named Daniel as his legal heir. There has been much controversy over this, as his elder brother Maximus is considered to be the true heir of Oakbury.


During Daniel’s youth, he was educated by the best scholars from across Kaizen. His primary tutor was Na’im Masoud Ajam, who was hired by Daniel’s father when travelling to Daphabib. Daniel was trained in the history of the world, economy, diplomacy, and many other duties. It was expected  that he would eventually become Grand Chamberlain of his brother Maxwell’s domains, as such, Daniel was trained in the ways of ruling an Empire.

Daniel’s father was not a religious man, and refrained from instructing his sons of the Ancient scriptures of the Avians. Na’im Ajam would often begin every lesson with a reading and prayer to the Avian Gods, this partnered with Na’im’s disdain for Constellists, transformed Daniel into a zealous man.

Daniel was always fascinated with birds, and the prospect of flight. His father, William, spent very little time with his son, but shared his son’s love for birds. During his visits across the Dapdaphian deserts, he met a Bedouin who taught William how to tame the Desert Sparrows. William carried this knowledge back to Montos, where he taught Daniel of the ancient ways of being a Falconer.

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