Edward_CallahaganFull Name: Edward Callahagan
Born: 981 – present (age 36)
– Prego, Callahag

Father: Brian Callahagan
Mother: Susan of Turtle Beach
Siblings: Michael Callahagan
Spouse: Victoria Harding
Children: Peytonius

Culture: Eastern Montonian
Residence: Callahag’s Hold
Religion: Nihilism

Titles and Honours

Official Full Title: His Lordship, Edward the Brave, Great General of the Callahagan Army, Knight of the Imperial Federation, and Crusher of Rebellions

King of Callahag
Reign: 1000 – present
Adviser: NEEDED
Predecessor: Brian Callahagan
Heir Apparent: Peytonius Callahagan

Prince of the IFSM
Reign: 1000 – present
Representative: Peytonius Callahagan
Predecessor: Brian
Next Vote: 1020AE

Other Titles



OakburyKnight of the Order of the White Pelican (1017 – present)

Congress of the IFSMPrince of the IFSM (1000 – present )

House of Callahagan

CallahaganMotto: Bravery Will Overcome the Mighty
Founded: NEEDED
Founder: NEEDED
Sovereign: Edward Callahagan
Seat: Callahag’s Hold
Highest Title: King of Callahag

Culture: Western Montonian

Main Living Family




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