Jonathan ClouldFull Name: Jonathan Winter Clould
Born: 997 – present (age 22)
– The Great Keep, Brussia

Father: David Clould
Mother: NEEDED
Spouse: Jennifer Jones of Frauleinchstein

Culture: Central Montonian
Residence: The Great Keep, Brussia
Religion: Constellism

Titles and Honours

Official Full Title: His majesty, Jonathan of House Clould, Emperor of the Great Brussian Empire; Prince of the Imperial Federation of the Sovereign Empire; High General of the Montonian Military; and Rightful Lord of Tramplandia.

Emperor of Brussia
Grand Chamberlain: NEEDED
Predecessor: David Clould
Heir Apparent: NEEDED

Prince of the IFSM
Advisor: NEEDED
Predecessor: David Clould
Next Vote: 1020AE

Other Titles

  • High General of the Montonian Army


BrussiaSovereign of the Order of the Black Falcon (NEEDED – present)

Congress of the IFSMPrince of the IFSM (NEEDED – present)

House of Clould

Motto: Never Cruel or Cowardly
Founded: NEEDED
Founder: Ludwig Clould I
Sovereign: Jonathan Clould
Seat: The Great Keep
Highest Title: Emperor of Brussia

Culture: Central Montonian

Main Living Family

Jonathan Clould


  1. wolf9mil said:

    this is some shit i am no old man brussia is to awesome to be ruled by some old man

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