Ogren_KylosFull Name: Ogren Seth Kylos
Born: 994 – 1017 (age 23)
– Kylos Region, Callahag

Father: Pablo Kylos
Mother: Serena of West Prego
Siblings: George Kylos

Culture: Eastern Montonian
Residence: Dungeons of Callahag’s Hold, Prego
Religion: Nihilism

Titles and Honours

King of Kylos
Reign: 1016 – 33d-1017AE
Advisor: George Kylos
Predecessor: kingdom founded
Heir Apparent: kingdom disbanded


BrussiaMedal of Military Valor (1016)

House of Kylos

Motto: As Rebels We Thrive
Founded: NEEDED
Founder: Bob Kylos
Sovereign: Ogren Kylos

Culture: Eastern Montonian

Main Living Family

n / a



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