Avianism is polytheistic religion which began on the continent of Dapdaphia. Avianism is based on strong beliefs in the three civilized races of Kaizen; Mortals, Avians (birds), and Aviettes (gods). The religion is the dominant religion across Dapdaphia, as well as in the Oakburian Empire, Manascus, and Alavaster.


Avianism is a polytheistic religion, only followed on the continent of Montos. It is the most popular religion on Montos, and the second most popular in the world. Followers of Avianism believe that each star in the sky is a God (Star God) and that the sun is the God of Gods (Sun God). The Star Gods are also often referred to as Angels.


Nihilism is a polytheistic religion which was carried by the Winter’s Children across the Bridge of Two Worlds during the Exodus of Man. The followers of this religion believe in millions of spirits that inhabit the forests, who watch over all people. Because of this, the Kingdom of Callahag has a very low crime rate; as the followers fear judgement from the spirits.

House SpinnakerTramp Gods

Tramplandians believe in seven Gods; one for each Tramplandian island, who grant gifts of prosperity to their followers. The religion is restricted to the Islands of Tramplandia, minus the largest island of Seineport. The House of Spinnaker, who rules Tramplandia from Seineport, do not follow the Tramp Gods, which has caused strive and uproar among the population. They believe that the Spinnakers killed the God of Seineport.


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