is polytheistic religion which began on the continent of Dapdaphia. Avianism is based on strong beliefs in the three civilized races of Kaizen; Mortals, Avians (birds), and Aviettes (gods). The gods are large immortal human-like birds*, that reside in the Palace of Gods, located far into the sky. When a mortal dies, they are reincarnated into an Avian. When an Avian dies, they are brought to the Palace of Gods to be used to create the new generation of Mortals.
The religion is the dominant religion across Dapdaphia, as well as in the Oakburian Empire, Manascus, and Alavaster. When first introduced to Montos, it was met with harsh criticism from followers of Astroism, who found it was attempting to usurp the sky from it’s followers. The religion was accepted among the citizens of Montos after the Royal House of Bufflez accepted it as their official religion.



There are six Aviettes in Avianism, each of which have a specific caste applied to them. The caste which you are born into depends on which of the Aviettes created you, and whichever caste you are in when you die (As members of the Avianism caste can move up, or down, the caste).

  1. Avi-Tendous (Nobles)
  2. Avi-Agrou (Warriors)
  3. Avi-Commodus (Commerce)
  4. Avi-Gaundus (Priests)
  5. Avi-Tallios (Commoners)
  6. Avi-Tak (Laborers)


OOC & Footnotes

Skeksis by Brian Froud

Skeksis by Brian Froud

* For a decent image of what the Aviettes look like, think of the Skeksis from the Jim Henson film “The Dark Crystal”.


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