AstroismYear Founded: 1 AE
Type: Polytheistic
Symbol: Star
Holy Site: The Great Observatory, Swegland
Head: Tyler Baulbag

Avianism is a polytheistic religion, only followed on the continent of Montos. It is the most popular religion on Montos, and the second most popular in the world. Followers of Avianism believe that each star in the sky is a God (Star God) and that the sun is the God of Gods (Sun God). The Star Gods are also often referred to as Angels.

Every 10,000 rotations, the Sun God dies. This event is called the Conjunction. It is not known how many Conjunctions there have been, but there are three known ones; The Conjunction of heuArn, the Conjunction of heuDik, and the Conjunction of the Two Gods.

Religious Map

Avianism in Gold, Constellism in Pink, Nihilism in Purple, and Tramp Gods in Blue.



During the Exodus of Men across the Bridge of Two Worlds, the Winter’s Children witnessed a great event across above Montos. This event later became known as the most recent Conjunction, the Conjunction of the Two Gods. Otto II of the Children wrote in the Yi’ah Ji’u saying

The sky illuminated in such a way that caused the lands to turn white, and all those who looked upon it to lose their sight. Soon after, the stars of the sky combined into ten large stars forming a circle around two larger stars. The sky flashed once more, and it returned to normal. This happened over a short length, and we remain bind to the cause of the event.


Notable Figures

  • heuGot
  • heuGyn
  • heuAo
  • heuDik
  • heuLor

Important Vocabulary

  • Sun God – God of Gods, appears to us as the Sun. Commands the other gods.
  • Star Gods – Members of the Ring of Ten. Advisors and assistants to the Sun God. Each one has a specific occupation/skill.
  • Gods – A word that encompasses both Sun Gods and Star Gods. This word also refers to the nameless and unknown other stars. They have no power, but appeal to the Star Gods to hopefully be assigned a position.
  • The Conjunction –  The death of the Sun God, occurs every 10,000 rotations.

The First God

For millions of years, the Gods have ruled over Kaizen; molding and morphing the landscape and history. The cycle began after aviAhy usurped power of the universe from the other Avian gods. It is said that the young Avian, who was High Chamberlain of aviSo, walked calmly into the chambers of all six Avian Gods, and slaughtered each individually. He then drank from the Eternal Soul Basin, giving him ultimate power over the universe. His once bird-like body was warped and mangled, and he was transformed into a ball of energy. He destroyed the Palace of Gods, replacing it with a black void (the sky) to contain his new form. Using his new powers, he created ten new Gods from his own image, but smaller. He gave each one a job and a name.

  • heuAi – Chamberlain to aviAhy
  • heuAr – God of Nature
  • heuAn – God of Persons
  • heuAy – God of Sinners
  • heuAk – God of Antiquity
  • heuAl – God of Ornamentation
  • heuAd – God of Balance
  • heuAt – God of Science
  • heuAg – God of Disaster
  • heuAz – God of Ritual

After creating the ten other Gods to assist him, he shed his old name, and adopted the name heuAo. heuAo also put created many rules to prevent corruption within the universe, including the law that the Sun God would die every 10,000 years.



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